15/10/17 Tokyo Double Live Experience

We’ve been early birds today since two shows lay ahead of us. How lucky we are to have a tour manager like Yuta who supports us that much with our tight schedule and does his best to arrange the few free time as comfortably as possible for us. Get to know him in our new video!
But first, let’s talk about the day: We went to the Antiknock Club in Shinjuku at 8 am to do the sound check for our first concert at early afternoon. Meanwhile we tried to balance our lack of sleep until just at noon (!) doors opened and people were filling the venue. What seems unthinkable for an underground concert in Germany is common practice here. We were happy to see familiar faces, such as drummer Masato from Veronica Veronico. One of guys of the scary visual key group Osomasiz, whom we played with three days ago at Chop Ikebukuro, also brought us some selected rice dishes. Thanks and cheers for this great surprise!
After about half an our of musical fireworks on stage we quickly went to Tokyo’s jazz quarter Shimokitazawa by train to play our night show at the cosy stage of the Japanese cult label Mona Records. Surrounded by dizzy lights, we took the audience on a trip to the calmer and more progressive Unloved material and also enjoyed the experimental tunes of the other bands. What a great coincidence to have met our American friend from Shinjuku Holiday Live House and also the sympathetic female Japanese singer/songwriter Ray again whom we came to know after our show at Motion Club. It is her you can see at the last part of the video.
As always, the day ended late after midnight and we looked back on many, many moments full of warm-heartedness that knows boundaries neither in countries nor in cultures.