15/10/18 Ikebukuro (Tokyo), King’s X

Today we went to Ikebukuro again, this time to King’s X Club. As you have probably recognized from our past reports, it is quite common that many bands are playing at one concert night. And today there were six acts whom we played together with. So, it’s high time to finally give you an impression from behind the scenes:
Music events reaching from mainstream to the deepest underground level are planned with a very exact time frame. Before show time begins, each band gets a complete sound and stage check including the respective positions that the musicians and their instruments take in, as well as lights and decoration such as back drops etc.
Between sound checking time and show start there often is a meeting with the concert organiser in which the crew and all the bands are introduced to each other. Since we feel this is a very nice and solemn ritual, we would like to show it to you in our newest Video.
P.S.: Tonight we’ve been surprised by some crowd surfers. Now we know that the Japanese are also very good in crowd surfing! Hoewever, Germans are very good at kraut surfing, too!