as I walk on by…

Today’s agenda faced our second Japanese show outside Tokyo. Cherishing the advantages of being on the road by car, we took a quick glance from afar at Japanese Disneyland and drove for one and a half hour in South-Eastern direction to Chiba, a medium larger labourer town with c. 157,00 inhabitants.
In addition, today was the first day on tour on which we had rain instead of sun and so venue and billing could not have fit better: In K’s Dream live house, we shared the stage with four grunge bands. Though stylistically, we completely broke the musical mould, we felt happily and nostalgically thrown back into our youth when lumberjack shirts and worn-out jeans had been THE thing.
Tomorrow we are back in Tokyo and a day with two shows lies straight ahead of us. In today’s video, you can already get an impression how it feels like to be constantly on the move here: