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nailing our first headlining show

Today’s schedule led us to ACB Hall, right in the centre of Tokyo. As it is #2 of the most popular live venues for punk music there, the billing mainly consisted of punk, hard- and crustcore bands and us as main act. After a big bowl of original Ramen (original japanese noodle-soup) and a walk along different places of amusement, our time to play in an original hardcore pit had come. Once more the theory that Unloved’s sound fits perfect in more extreme musical contexts held true. Thus, we had a great party during our show at the end of the evening!

Tour kick-off @ deepa otsuka

What a great tour start at club Deepa! Our first date led us to Otsuka, a district of Tokyo, by train. As we shared the stage with seven other – really diverse – bands, the schedule was tightly-knit and the concert night organised very professionally. We are really happy about being welcomed so warmly by the Japanese audience – have a look by yourselves!

Music is our aeroplane… wherever we go!

Now it was time to fly! After a very short night on the airplane we arrived in Tokyo at summerly 25°C. We met our tour manager Yuta and got acquainted with the route to our hotel and finally sent our suitcases there by taxi while we were walking.
Seems that the gear passed its poof test since everything was working as it should be. Hungry as we were, we had a nice meal downtown with Yuta and his girlfriend and now we look forward to the first concert of our tour.

getting our stuff packed

After the rehearsals it was time to pack our things together. Not only did we have to seize every square inch of our bags for our gear, but also to consider the specifics of the Japanese electricity grid which works with only 100 Volt with the lowest voltage worldwide. Well, if everything works there, we can face our concerts with deep relaxation.


preparing for the tour – the general rehearsal

“New York, Rio, Tokyo” – just like in the lyrics of an evergreen from the 1980s Unloved dare the big step out of Leipzig, Berlin and Germany into the great wide world. Promoting their debut album “Pay One Bliss With Another”, released this year via Kick the Flame Publishing, the quartet around exceptional singer Shya will travel to Japan. The fact that they could attract the attention of an American concert organiser almost tells us the dream of unlimited possibilites. Now it’s coming true: 13 shows in the land of the rising sun!
Reasons enough to present a new song which is based on a novel by the literary export hit from Japan, Haruki Murakami. Listen to a snippet here.