End of the Tour – Bye bye, Japan!

After 12 shows one after, we felt urgence in regaining some energy. Thus, we spent our free day sightseeing in Tokyo and had a comfy evening at our travel home having a glass of Sake (Japanese rice wine) with tour Manager Yuta and his girlfriend.
We appreciated sleeping long the next day since sound checking time for our final show of this tour was scheduled only for late afternoon. Narrow stairs led us into the Cat’s Hole that is located in our home quarter Shinjuku. At the club, we met awesome people again, such as the female singer Ameri (one could call her the “Tori Amos of Japan”) or the male singer Little Bill who had even written and performed a song just for us. We settled the end of our show with the encore “The Home You Could Have Found” and we surely feel that with Japan our at least hearts have found another place to feel at home.
After our show we celebrated a big farewell with the audience and thanked Yuta very, very much for the excellent job he did for us.
Touched by the events of this evening, we had only seven hours remaining to prepare our suitcases for our return to Germany and to take a little nap as the train to the Airport was waiting for us then. Having arrived there, we had to run to catch our flights sincethe check-in terminal was about to close in a few minutes. But luckily, we made it right in time.

While these lines are written, we are passing the Ural from above, having a sleep or just dwelling in memories. In just a few hours, we will be back in Leipzig. It has been two incomparably intense and inspiring weeks to us in Japan and we really look forward to meeting Yuta and his likes again soon!