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unloved 2015 [Foto: Steffen Johr]

unloved stands for catchy music of an unconventional style. The band around extraordinary singer Shya builds a bridge over the troubled waters of electronic and guitar-oriented music. These Germans smoothly merge the massiveness of metal and drive of electro with the flow of trip hop and jazz and even some sparks of singer-songwriter fragility. The resulting songs reconcile the sophisticated avant-garde of progressive rock with the dance appeal of modern pop music. unloved’s live set is built from modified versions of their songs and follows a dramaturgy with one main goal: keeping the crowd intrigued and in motion. no pauses, no excessive guitar tuning, no vain solo instrumentals. these guys are professionals. expect a high speed rollercoaster ride through multi-layered soundscapes full of exciting moments.

The record ventures a glance into the abyss. It is characterized by existential fears and doubts and definitely the bleakest record by unloved so far. Yet, the often subtle but always present positive energy that is typical for songs by unloved pours out from every edge of this record, manifesting itself in glimpses of hope and lots of humorous moments both in lyrics and music. The songs are more mature and energized than previous material, but still somewhat dreamy, like innocence playing between smoking ruins.

Pay One Bliss With Another | album | 2015 | Kick The Flame
You Can Leave Your Head On | live album | 2014 | Kick The Flame
Killersongs | EP | 2006 | Kick The Flame
My Way To Run | EP | 2004 | self-distributed

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unloved press review

„A supremely thrilling trip into a new world“
ORKUS (GER): discovery of the month, issue 2015-03

„So much richness of expression, clever song ideas and plot twists. Impressive that unloved can maintain this high level on the disc with ease. … The year 2015 starts with numerous strong records – but UNLOVED’s debut stands out once more.“
LEGACY (GER): tip, issue 2015-03/04

„Widescreen emotional music that comes from the gut and hits the heart“
powermetal.de (GER)

„This woman shya has one of the most beautiful singing voices I‘ve ever heard.“
my last chapter (USA)

„Songs full of emotion with evocative soundscapes, that’s what unloved stands for in its entirety.“
metal inside (GER)

„Unloved is a group that has overcome all the style-specific code to create a universe with a sound much unheard.“
fanzic (FRANCE)

„If the musical visions of unloved continue to be converted so consistently and heart bleedingly into refreshingly different sounds, Leipzig will have its third über band next to DISILLUSION and DARK SUNS.“
legacy (GER)

„There are bands whose first contact make you regret to not having known them earlier. Unloved is one of these.“
morbid sounds (GER)

„I like the drumwork the most, some awesome rhythms!“
fishcomcollective (USA)

„Is Leipzig the new breeding ground for music talents? That’s what you have to ask ourselves if you think about where the most innovative bands from the melancholic-hard area recorded their albums in the recent past.“
walls of fire (GER)

„damn rocking music with grandiose female vocals“
mordor magazin (Switzerland)

„a fine blend of modern-rock and gothic rock / metal with a slightly progressive weft“
rockhard (GER)

„If Unloved were Dutch, the band would have already hit it as big as Within Temptation, The Gathering, After Forever or Epica.“
obliveon (GER)

„probably one of the most diverse singers in metalbiz“
blood dawn (GER)