tempting “tempest” over yokohama!

One hour south-west by train our first Japan show outside Tokyo took place.
Today’s venue, Club Lizard in Yokohama, is definitely one of the “places to be” and so is the SEGA gaming temple just around the corner. Childhood memories arose among us when thinking of jump’n’run video games of the 90s such as “Alex Kidd” or “Sonic the Hedgehog”.
After a walk through the Chinatown quarter we had dinner under the already nightly sky near the splendidly lighted harbour.
After the concerts, the people at the venue ate our “Tempest” honey with delight. This honey was exclusively produced in a limited number of 100 glasses by “Papitzer Honig”, a beekeeper from our region and refers to the opening song of our current album “Pay One Bliss With Another”. It also got its special bee artwork by our graphic designer Anders A. Bachmann. Hence, some bees were lucky enough to survive the long flight to Japan. If you also want to be among the lucky ones, don’t hesitate and have a try on the honey for yourself as long as it is in stock!