Unloved on a mission at Mission’s, Koenji

Today we went to Koenji, a district of Tokyo that has once been typical for its gangs but today is for homing many musicians and live houses.
At club Mission’s, the billing again was dominated by punk bands. Not only Taf, front man of today’s special guests Disorder from Bristol, England, but also our guitarist MR celebrated their birthdays here. Taf told us that some years ago, he was at our home city Leipzig and still remembers the occupied houses and the alternative way of life in one of the quarters of the town.
Afterwards, we walked through Koenji mall where tour manager Yuta first showed us the tattoo studio of the owner of Mission’s. Postcards were bought and while first pogos were taking place at the live house, we visited a cosy small restaurant which offered us a wide range of Japanese vegan cuisine from special salads to fried vegetables in tempura to vegan chili.
During our show we spotted Noriyuki of the Japanese post / progressive rockers Veronica Veronico whom we shared the stage with at our first gig on tour at Deepa live house. Having a beer together on our way home would be great now, we thought, and so chance made us meet a friendly and generous Canadian who could switch between English and Japanese seemingly without effort. And again, we had to speak what has been on our minds for so long: What is the original meaning of the word “bukake”? This riddle certainly made all of us laugh, but unfortunately we could not solve it (yet).